2022: Optimism

Are you ready for the new year Idahoans? I hope so because it should be a great one for returning citizens and those who love and support them! In 2021 with the burden of COVID we made great strides! Just a few of those include: Expanded Cookies for Corrections program. More institutions this year and more than 200,000 distributed New board members and staff for New Hope Christian Ministries (our parent 503C3 organization).

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More About Coalitions

Certainly, those who know me or listen to me at meetings, in person or sometimes on the radio that one of the themes that I share is the need to build coalitions. We have been trying to do that for over six years in the Treasure Valley. I do believe we are making progress. An event happened on July 29th that addresses the issue of importance for this effort to be statewide.

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