Victory Over Sin Radio

Victory Over Sin is a show hosted by Mark Renick that addresses issues pertaining to returning citizens and the challenges they face coming out of incarceration. This project is funded by Systemic Change of Idaho.

You can join Mark each Saturday at 12:30pm on

94.1 FM – KBXL – the VOICE.

Coffee & Resource Center

Our Coffee & Resource Center should be your first stop the morning you are released from IDOC custody.

We provide this service in our office located at:

3217 W. Overland Rd Boise, ID 83705

Monday thru Friday from 9am to 12pm.

Systemic Change of Idaho

St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho has a reentry advocacy arm called Systemic Change of Idaho. We focus on advocacy in the Idaho State Legislature and educating the community about the challenges of being a returning citizen.

Offender Resource Guide

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Offering support for Friends, Family, & Offenders returning to the community.


Supporting Returning Citizens Idaho Style

By Mark Renick on July 1, 2021

There are times when you need to check just where we are and how much things have changed especially for the better. Last Saturday was one of those times for me. The photo was a tribute to my friend Mark Person (photo with Josh Tewalt /Idaho Department of Corrections Director). The event supported Mark for five years work in support of individuals returning to community from incarceration. We ARE making progress in the work to mainstream issues for those who are making the effort to face their past and become solid members of the state of Idaho.

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Summer of 2021

By Mark Renick on June 1, 2021

As we drift toward a new normal (post COVID) what will the Summer bring for the folks who work with the community we call Returning Citizens? Frankly, it is exciting! Hope you are ready because Idaho needs your voice! Several groups are emerging to share the message. Congrats to them. I know it is hard work and difficult to become credible. Look at a group called Idaho Recovery Advocacy Project lead by Chris Mecham.

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Building Coalitions

By Mark Renick on May 3, 2021

Open House This Month I have long been an advocate for the need to work through coalitions to support returning citizens in their path to community. Early this month we had an event where it was apparent we are on the correct path. On Friday April 30th and May 3rd St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho hosted an open house to let all see their new offices on Fairview. Note that our lead agency to the public in the Treasure Valley here in Idaho has developed to be St.

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Playing Well With Others

By Mark Renick on April 14, 2021

I will be honest: It could be because we just moved. We also divided our staff into two groups which is new too. In addition, I am just getting over an assault on my body by the COVID virus with some interesting complications. Somehow these events allow me to see the need to work in a more positive light with all groups who served returning citizens. When life stresses happen (major illness & separation from workers in my case) it can be a time to reflect and assess the direction you have been going for a long period of time.

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