Victory Over Sin Radio

Victory Over Sin is a show hosted by Mark Renick that addresses issues pertaining to returning citizens and the challenges they face coming out of incarceration. This project is funded by Systemic Change of Idaho.

You can join Mark each Saturday at 12:30pm on

94.1 FM – KBXL – the VOICE.

Coffee & Resource Center

Our Coffee & Resource Center should be your first stop the morning you are released from IDOC custody.

We provide this service in our office located at:

3217 W. Overland Rd Boise, ID 83705

Monday thru Friday from 9am to 12pm.

Systemic Change of Idaho

St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho has a reentry advocacy arm called Systemic Change of Idaho. We focus on advocacy in the Idaho State Legislature and educating the community about the challenges of being a returning citizen.

Offender Resource Guide

Get the latest edition.

Offering support for Friends, Family, & Offenders returning to the community.

Victory Over Sin Support Group

A fellowship and accountabilty meeting for individuals who wish to strengthen their Christian walk.

Weekly meetings at:

3217 W. Overland Rd Boise, ID 83705

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns the Victory Over Sin group meetings are temporarily suspended.


Playing Well With Others

By Mark Renick on April 14, 2021

I will be honest: It could be because we just moved. We also divided our staff into two groups which is new too. In addition, I am just getting over an assault on my body by the COVID virus with some interesting complications. Somehow these events allow me to see the need to work in a more positive light with all groups who served returning citizens. When life stresses happen (major illness & separation from workers in my case) it can be a time to reflect and assess the direction you have been going for a long period of time.

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Two Reentry Locations?

By Mark Renick on March 1, 2021

Two Reentry Locations? St Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho has split the staff who meet and work with those just released. Why? The main location at 3217 W Overland Rd will see individuals in the first days of release. Good news here: we are now able to link to food from the St Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho food pantry on the same site (not available before). Now at this location: support for clothing, hygiene kits for day one, food immediately and links to the other valuable resources we have always provided.

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By Mark Renick on February 1, 2021

Exciting News! We have outgrown our current office setting! We decided to work closely with our coalition partners and make a change. It seems St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho was in a similar situation. The result is our First Day Out Services will be moving to 3217 W Overland Rd on February 11th. Only those seeking assistance in the first days of their release will be seen here. We will continue to write vouchers for clothing, link them to resources, supply hygiene packets, and support them with personnel who have for the most part lived this experience.

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JUST WHY DO WE Pickup individuals from incarceration Day One?

By Mark Renick on January 26, 2021

Rarely are we asked that question, but the answer is vital to the ministry work of our office. First, understand that we pick up individuals from all institutions south of Gowen Field almost daily. Some are early morning pickups going to the Greyhound connection at Flying J on Federal Way in Boise (departures north between 7am & 7:45 daily). Others going West are departures from the Airport via Salt Lake Express which leaves at 8:15am.

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