Congratulations Idaho Falls

By Mark Renick | March 2, 2022


4 Years in a Row for Recover Out Loud

It was a cold and windy Friday night in February in Idaho Falls (seems like they all are from my experience). Yet I was honored to attend such a nice event where the community comes together for those who come out of incarceration and struggle with issues dealing with addiction.

Congrats to Stephanie Taylor – Silva for being the force behind this yearly event. Each year another organization seems to become involved. I am so happy we have been there since the beginning. This year I counted some 32 organizations.

Governor Little was there in a taped message. Parole Chief Brian Underwood spoke and Jeff Kirkman from IDOC. In addition, Bonneville County Sherriff Sam Huise shared thoughts.

Prizes and dinner completed the evening with gifts and music.

Look for more events like this in 2022. Returning Citizens are becoming active in their community and getting recognition for their work……FINALLY

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