No Fooling!

By Mark Renick | April 2, 2022


Those who read my words and know me understand how I like to speak about the progress we as returning citizens are making in support of those who follow us back into community. There has been progress!

I am listing three examples which all will learn more about in the coming months.

  1. Mark and Mark have joined forces. As the picture suggests Mark Person and Mark Renick are working together. We are working under the banner of St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services to support those leaving incarceration daily here in Idaho.

  2. June 4th is a date to save! A new approach to support for folks who have been in the system is having its debut event. It will be a full day event held at Ten Mile Christian in Meridian. We will be speaking about the event on all social media. IMSI Hope Community Phase II will be strongly involved in this effort.

  3. Just Leadership USA is coming to Idaho. The Emerging Leaders program is now scheduled to host an event September 17th and 18th. JLUSA is a national organization who works to support those who have been incarceration. They amplify the power of directly impacted people by investing, educating, empowering, and elevating their voices, so they have the tools and resources to self-organize and advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities. This event will be talked about in the coming weeks.

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