Recovery Rally – Year 7 for Boise

By Mark Renick | October 4, 2022


I am learning to accept that working with those of us who support the efforts of folks who struggle with the demons of addiction in some form will be always changing people and staff. We saw that recently at the Boise Recovery Rally in Julia Davis Park.

It is very similar to those of us who also support those leaving incarceration who return to community.

We are honored to work with a new group of individuals who have the passion to support this group of God’s children. The photo shows a few kind folks who now work with us.

What was impressive this year was so many ladies who were at the event from East Boise Community Reentry Center. They are just beginning their battle to return to community facing the issues of addiction, working to overcome past mistakes and chart a path for personal success.

Thank you for giving us the excitement of supporting your efforts.

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