Idaho Pardons and Parole Issue

By Mark Renick | May 3, 2022


In my efforts to support those who leave incarceration daily in Idaho I hear all kinds of stories about the shortcomings of the prison system.

Here is a classic:

As I write this there is a lady sitting in Ada County jail for over 30 days now. She is on felony probation. She has been taken into custody for the charge of voting in the last election while still on parole. The fine is $100.

She cannot be bailed out or plea to the charge because she must see the Idaho Parole Commission first which can take longer that most people think.

She is not allowed bail because the new charge is a violation of her parole.

She is a risk of loosing her job and housing. Her husband faces the same charge in just a few weeks. He is not on parole anymore so he remains free.

I understand they both broke the law. Does it seem like a reasonable situation for taxpayers to support (Her incarceration)? Should she be violated for breaking this law and sent back to incarceration? We appear to not have a sophisticated enough computer system to flag someone registering to vote while on parole.

Why not?

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