By Mark Renick | November 1, 2021


Each Christmas season has familiar traditions which we all can identify. For me one of the best has always been Cookies for Max!

The tradition began inside the walls of the Idaho Maximum Security Institution (IMSI) where cookies from all over the Treasure Valley were gathered and distributed by religious volunteers a few days before Christmas. Those who live inside Max for the most part are restricted to their cells 23 hours a day for seven days a week. This package of cookies delivered through the “bean slot” to individuals has become a special event. Originally the cookies were homemade from dozens of churches throughout the valley.

In recent years the event has been restricted to store bought cookies. Still the event is very special to a population who is away from family, associates, and community.

It can and does show the light of God’s love for all.

This year it will be expanded. We will add several institutions to the list of those receiving cookies from the community. It will also have a new name: Cookies for Corrections!

More information will follow.

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