Link to National Partners

By Mark Renick | October 1, 2021


People who have heard me speak know I always address the need to form partnerships with those who can speak to the needs of the folks returning to our communities from incarceration. One strong group should be those who face the challenge of addiction in the past or current.

Several of us had the chance to connect with 35 other states in Las Vegas a few days ago. As usual Idaho lags behind the efforts of other states. We have been gathering signatures for support of the Recovery Advocacy Project and the Idaho Advocacy Project. Check out the social media links or just continue to watch our posts.

As we approach the end of the year and new legislative session here in Idaho beginning in January, we can learn from the work begun in past years. Let’s make a commitment to say “This the year I am brave enough to share my story.”

Idaho needs to hear it.

Always remember that many individuals are following us out of incarceration and need you to step up.

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