JUST WHY DO WE Pickup individuals from incarceration Day One?

By Mark Renick | January 26, 2021


Rarely are we asked that question, but the answer is vital to the ministry work of our office.

First, understand that we pick up individuals from all institutions south of Gowen Field almost daily. Some are early morning pickups going to the Greyhound connection at Flying J on Federal Way in Boise (departures north between 7am & 7:45 daily). Others going West are departures from the Airport via Salt Lake Express which leaves at 8:15am. Normal pickups are around 8am from all institutions. Most of these are headed to a transitional living arrangements.

Understand that if we do not do this, a IDOC staff member does this task. Here is the key to WHY we do this. Imagine you are just released from incarceration; do you want a staff person (likely someone you do not know) dropping you off at a bus or the parole office? We believe someone with “lived experience” who knows exactly what is likely going on in the brain/heart of that individual that morning can be a key to a supportive transition back to community. I assure you the conversation is much easier and interactive with us on those exciting mornings!

Don’t believe me? Come ride with me one morning!

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