2021: Looking Good for Returning Citizens in Idaho

By Mark Renick | January 6, 2021


We are looking forward to the new year and opportunities for those of us who are returning to home and community from incarceration.

When we say “we” it refers to a coalition of strength in support from groups like St Vincent de Paul SW Idaho, Recovery Idaho, Just Leadership USA and Serving USA. These groups add to the long list of church sponsorship which makes the work we do possible. Just a few of those churches are Common Ground Biker Church, Vertical Church, Cloverdale Church of God.

The new year has some new and exciting programs which will be directed out of the offices of 8620 W Emerald Suite 140, Boise ID. These will enhance the work we do greeting all who leave incarceration daily, providing rides from the institution to those who do not have that resource, linking men and women to felon friendly employment and being there for the day one needs of individuals.

Our staff is experience lead, talented, and dedicated.

Please drop by and say Hi. We are open Monday-Friday (9am-Noon). There is always room for another volunteer or individual who feels the need to support

God Bless You,

- Mark Renick

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